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Pure trash

Won’t let me buy anything. Won’t let me sign up. Won’t let me sign in. Now it just froze/crashed. Sadly, embarrassingly, I’m using Amazon more and more.

Can’t even buy what I’m trying to buy

Long load up Long load up for cart Makes you sign in again when you reopen the app and try to open the cart Long load up for checkout Long load up for PayPal Long load up for shipping confirmation Actually, the long load for shipping confirmation is basically as far as I can get in one go before it just stays there

Probably one of the most poorly designed apps I’ve ever used

I’ve had several problems with this app and I’ve only owned it for 20 minutes. (TL;DR at the end) Problem #1: I got 2 $25.00 Barnes & Noble gift cards for my birthday. So I download this app. I put one gift card in. It tells me my balance is $25.00. So I input the next one. My balance is still $25.00. The book I want is $25.95 and I’ve just wasted two gift cards that probably won’t work in stores because I’ve already used their codes. Great. Problem #2: It takes no less than 30 seconds for anything to load. It’s very discouraging. Problem #3: The app has crashed twice since I’ve started using it. TL;DR: the Barnes & noble app is slow and kind of robbed me of $50.00 (in gift cards) I do not recommend it to anyone.


You can do absolutely nothing with this app. I don’t know why they even have one.

Very Slow

I seems to me like they just crammed the mobile site into the app and called it good. It even asked me if I would allow the SITE to access my location, giving further evidence of the previous statement. The only real reason I’m keeping it on my phone is for convenience, rather than having to go online I can just go into the app. It also sounds like people are having trouble logging in and buying things on the app. However, I haven’t come across this, mainly because I don’t buy books on this, I rather use it to simply look up books and then go to buy them in store. This can definitely be improved.

Consistent disappointment

Whether it’s the constant need to log in, the slowness, the filters not containing an “in stock” option, the inability to set how many items I see, or any number of other inadequacies, I find more and more reasons to not use this app and thus shop elsewhere.

What’s going on ?

Come on you guys it’s not like you’re just starting out in business get it together with your app, look at your ratings think about this, no wonder your stock taken a tumble. The app is all most dysfunctional.

Just plain okay

Egh it’s aight ig lol


App was slow, didn't load well, glitchy and not useful.


For some reason for the last four days or so I no longer have the message center. The app is showing a notification, but the envelope icon is gone. Also every time I open the app it asks for my email so I can sign up for emails, even though I’m signed in and also receive emails.


It’s slow. It won’t remember my password. It won’t let me use “add to cart” or “instant purchase” therefore it won’t let me buy a book. It won’t save to my wish list. Look I’m a big book nerd, but the fact that you won’t update this app frustrates me in so many ways. Please just update the app, it’d be appreciated...


I can’t open and see my notifications and it’s extremely annoying to look at.

Extremely Slow

It takes about 5 minutes to load the next page. Also I am constantly having to resign in, even after I check the ‘remember me’ box. Please fix!

Won’t let me sign in

This problem started recently. I used to stay signed in and didn’t have any problems. Recently, however, when I try to sign in, I get an error message saying I’m an inactive user. Wrong!! I’m a very active user. There’s no way to remedy that so I went to create a new account. I got a message that I already have an account!! You must be signed in to get any assistance via chat or email. I tried calling the 800 number and an automated voice asked for my account number. Although I’ve been a member for some 20 years, I don’t have an account number. The store always just asks for my phone number. But the automated voice doesn’t recognize my phone number. I tried hitting 0. Nothing I tried asking to speak to a representative. Nothing. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app. Didn’t help. If I could give a 0 star rating, I would because this app (which used to be pretty decent) is currently absolutely useless.

I guess they don’t want me to buy anything

I’ve been trying to add a book to my cart since last week. It won’t work. If the app isn’t going to allow you to purchase, WHAT IS THE POINT? Deleting this crap!

App Should Be MUCH Better

App annoyances that shouldn’t exist: 1) As of Friday (7/13) cannot sign into account on wi-fi (including B&N’s in-store wi-fi); you must use cellular network. Get message of “inactiveUser”. 2) Need to re-enter you password every single time you use the app, and even sometimes after you’ve been on the app awhile. 3) Unnecessarily slow. Web site is fine except similar password issue. Seriously,B&N, if you want to compete in this new retail world, you need to have state-of-the art online apps.

Can't add book to cart

This app and the web page are the most absurd inventions I have seen in my entire life. These are retail apps THAT WILL NOT LET YOU PUT ANYTHING IN THE SHOPPING CART. It is absolutely mind boggling. It's almost as if they hired amazon to do their web site so amazon designed a site where it was impossible to buy anything. The whole IT team at Barnes should be fired and probably the CEO too as this is literally the only website I've ever been on where the shopping cart won't work. The whole thing is just absurd.


This application is really bad it’s too slow you have to wait forever for things to open. Please fix this problem. When you guys update your application and make it run smoothly then I’ll re-download it till then I’m deleting it and I’m just going to order online from your direct website.

Horrible App

Where’s the iPhone X support? Also the app interface is horrible. How do they expect people to buy from them when their app is so horrible.

Constant loading

It never ever gets beyond the home page. It just loads and loads and loads. Then crashes and then loads some more once it’s reopened. They need a total overhaul on the app design and function.

Recent issues

Usually a big fan of the app because it allows me to quickly access my wishlist when I’m shopping but the past couple of weeks it’s been the worst. I can’t access anything in my account which is super annoying and inconvenient!


This app will just randomly cease functioning. They need to do a serious upgrade. I expected more from B&N.

No option for zero stars?

This ap is awful. 3-5 minutes for your selection to load. Then, after endless tapping of "add to cart", ap closes on its' own. Every time. Ridiculous

Do they not want my business?

Apparently BN does not want me to buy anything from them online. I tried first using Chrome on my iPhone, then downloaded their app, and neither would let me add a book to my cart – or even check my cart. For a company as large as they are, it’s hard to believe that they care this little about potential customers’ ability to engage in e-commerce with them.

Horrendously slow and buggy

Trying to use this app is like trying to access a webpage on an old flip phone. Having an online presence is a MUST for any business this day and age, and B&N seems to be stuck in the past. This app hasn’t been updated in a long time and it’s obvious nobody cares.

Too slow

I love B&N but this app is just the worst. I have tried to purchase numerous times from it but nothing works. I can’t even properly search the books I’m interested in. Amazon app.... works great.... just saying.

Moving to Amazon now.

This is completely horror in the making. Been with B&N since 2001. Cannot stand this app. Moving to Kindle

Very Annoying and Frustrating

1.) Despite the amount of times I check Remember Me, I’m still required to log into my account. I don’t know if this is for security purposes, but this is very annoying. 2.) This app overall can’t work. When I try to add a book to my cart by pressing “Add to Cart”, the box just remains highlighted and does nothing. Same thing for when I want to add a book to my wishlist; the option remains highlighted, however it doesn’t actually add the book to my wishlist. Barnes and Noble, I appreciate you, but you need to step your game up and improve this app. As a Club Member, I expected better from this app. Please make this app work better.


I don’t know what is wrong but even if I’m connected to WiFi the app doesn’t allow me to use it. This is recent and the updates DONT help. The app would be great accept you have to find the book that you are looking for by not using the search bar because even if they have it it will tell you they don’t. The app is frustrating to use although I love Barnes and noble ale together.


This ap desperately needs an update. On rare occasions it will actually let me order the books I’m trying to get, but most of the time it crashes. Or I click add to cart and nothing happens, I’ll try a few more times and then I give up. They don’t seem to care much about online business I suppose.

Incompetence when a competitor is wanted

Crazy that with the masses of people wanting to leave shopping at #Amazon, B&N would still have an incompetent online app for shopping. Tried all morning to buy two items and the PayPal connection keeps hanging up. Is B&N heading for the same finale as Toy R Us due to their own incompetence?

Would love if it would actually work

Keeps on crashing Dosent let me even open book overview Please fix

Takes Too Long

This is not an efficient tool to search for, and purchase books. Every time I try to use it, I ultimately order from Amazon. Too bad as I would like purchase from multiple sources. Will likely remove the app in a few weeks.


I wanted to try and buy a book for pickup but the app stalls so bad, I can’t. This is terrible. Please revamp your app.

Weak tired lame

Just delete does not work. Tired slow weak sauce

I’d give a 0 if I could...

I try to use this app every time I go into a B&N store, and every time I’m frustrated with it. Even outside the store, the app takes 3+ minutes to load, if it ever does. And if it ever loads, actually using it and searching for anything takes just as long. It’s absolutely useless.

Really sad

B & N this app is really sad. I tried multiple times to find and order a book. Going to Amazon now. Bye bye.

Serious Update

I love Barnes & Noble, but they seriously need to update their app. It’s slow and takes forever to load.


C’mon y’all can do so much better than this!!! I am shocked at how bad this app is! I really appalled!! DO BETTER!!!

iPhone X

Needs to be updated for the iPhone X.

Cant remove items from the my saved items list

Repeatedly pressing the remove button but they do not go away. There are several copies of the same books that i try to remove but do not go away


Please just delete this app out of the App Store. It froze. I needed to close the app and reopen in to try again 5 times. It is thee slowest app on earth! JUST DELETE IT!!!!

Barnes and Noble app

This app is terrible! It is always timing out!


I would give a higher rating except I only downloaded it so I could by ebooks since you cannot buy books on the nook app and it says you can through Barnes and noble. So disappointed in both apps.

This app is horrible

You really need to fix it.

Grossly Inadequate

Deleted app quite a while back and it was terrible then. Figure enough time has passed that B&N must have worked out many issues- not so, still a pathetic app. Only thing that could be worse is if the app simply crashed when opened. Oh that might actually be better, that way you wouldn’t waste your time with it!

Please update

It’s unfortunate that reviews have been complaining about the same thing for 6+ months. I love Barnes and noble, I feel loyalty to the store. However, amazon makes it much easier to purchase and review books. Update the app and adapt to the times, before you lose a long time customer.

Worst app ever

It takes FOREVER to use the app! This app has not been updated in over a year as of this writing 05/28/2018.


If it works at all it is so slow! And Barnes and noble is who you buy nook books from and you can’t buy them on the app?

Bad bad bad

1 It never remembers my PW 2. You cannot buy Nook books from the Nook or B&N apps. Seriously???? 3. It’s very slow 4. The “live chat” person was pleasant but about as helpful as my grandma.

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