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Needs free titles so we can see what reading a book on the phone is like.

I would only consider buying a book through this app if I could look at some free samples to experience what its like to read a book through the reader. Also, all we can see are the covers and a small description.. what about the dust jacket contents or a couple paragraphs from the book? A sample would be nice.


The only reason I deleted it is because its only in America (letdown.). I actually might re-download it for book reference! Chapters-Indigo, take note!

Really Excellent

You cant order books from Canada. However this is a great app for reading book reviews, bios of authors, and excerpts. The interface is simple and a pleasure to navigate - well done!

Great start

NB because of licensing agreements it appears that some (many?) books are available in the US only, which is why it may ask for a US billing address. There is still a simple way to buy the book. Love the Meriam Webster dictionary integration. Just select a word and you can get the definition. Not sure if the dictionary was there from the beginning or only after I bought a book. In general this is similar to Stanza and other ereader apps: love the ability to search, bookmark, highlight and make notes. Would be nice if you could unhighlight something you had previously highlighted.

Good books, but only for US

PS: even if you have a US address, but are in another country for school, work, etc, you cant get new eBooks to download to the old eReader app. Horrid that they wont do support for existing customers. Have like $300 worth of eBooks that I cant transfer to new Apple products and really dont like the fact that only realized after purchasing a book that wouldnt download. B&N never emailed me or whatever to inform me of this change.


Why on earth would they offer this app in Canada where it is essentially useless???

Not pleased

I will not use this app again, I used to use it all the time, my phone went toast and ended up getting iPhone guess what downloaded (during this period nook came out) it logged in and all book on-line no longer exist. Spent alot of money on books.

GLAD its available in Canada

To all those WHINING that this and other U.S. retailer apps dont need to be available to Canadians, THINK AGAIN. A lot of Canadians, myself included, live near the border and keep handy U.S. post office boxes for all our much more fairly-priced online purchases. Having apps like this one from B&N are just the icing on the cake, even with its flaws.

Stupidest thing ever!!!!

First of all no app for the iPad. Way to loose customers to your competitors. Second, if you guys supposedly updated it around Dec 1 so books are available in Canada, why was the last update from the summer? Lame!!!!!!

Useless in Canada

Might be a decent app if I could use it for its intended purpose.

If youre smart enough

You can figure out how to get these digital books and Nook in Canada. I prefer this to iBooks.


This app has promise but its unwieldy. Worst of all you cant access your B&N wishlists through it. The whole point is to make something better than the browser interface, which is unwieldy on a phone, but this ends up being worse. See the Amazon app for how to make a good one.

Doesnt work

Says no internet connection when you open it and doesnt open


I love books, and Chapters and Barnes & Noble are the main stores I buy from. However, the Indigo (Chapters) app allows me to add books to a Wishlist and B&N does not (as far as I can tell). I would love if I could have a Wishlist to add books to for the B&N app.

What a waste of time

Constantly freezes, and keeps giving an error message on checkout. Dont waste your time.

Doesnt work

The app only gets the loading icon. Never loads past the first page.

No longer works

Stuck on the home screen. Doesnt load

Sooooooooo slow

Im sorry but this app is bad its too slow to navigate around the shop and feels like Im on a dial up connection. Tbh its just the mobile site as an app thats consistently worse. Update it and MAYBE Ill start re-using it but for now it was a pointless app that I deleted.

Ungodly slow

This app is so unbearably slow that I thought it had frozen 99% of the time. It would be much faster to use a computer, which defeats the entire purpose. Honestly, how do you mess up an app this badly?????

You get absolutely nothing with this

First off, this app is exactly what you use when you open up their website in safari. Second, there is no wish list on this app. Third, you have to sign in every single time you open this app. Fourth, when you click a link to your order tracking number it takes you to the page but (if theres more than one shipment in the order which happens almost every time to me) you have to close the app and sign back in to look at another one. Just use their website from a computer and you will run into about half the problems the app gives you.

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